Bougeotte is an Italian-based concept brand of quality goods, inspired by the aim of refreshing the pleasure of sophisticated materials for high-end distinguished market.

Along with maintaining a rich heritage, of tradition and excellence that only luxury can appeal to, to last over the years. For the above mentioned reason, our collections are completely manufactured in selected Italian laboratories, where nearly eighty percent of our products are totally handmade, with exquisite craftsmanship and artisanal techniques of supreme quality.

We never stop looking for interesting and durable materials, and our collections always reflect the ultimate silks, cashmeres, exotic leather or the finest fabrics in creating lifestyle accessories and ready-to-wear clothing. Our collections are designed to accomplish the harmonious balance between timeless values and irony. The Bougeotte woman is not defined by age; she is looking for comfort and appreciates gracious simplicity. She is special for her way of seeing life, yet her style is always impeccable and she never stops striving for depth and unconditional quality. For Bougeotte, nature is alluring, inspiring and used as a visual source to fuse emotion, imagination and history. We have chosen a bee as our logo – to us it symbolizes creativity and life.

The first page of our company was written in 2013, when we noted the increasing need for a company oriented towards developing a new concept of individuality and uniqueness.

At birth, our gift was freedom of will and our day-to-day reality is always a choice, which depends on our will. We do not bow to reality. We create it.