A Personal Touch

The Italian artisanship behind each pair of Bougeotte shoes. Unlike using a machine, artisanal craftsmanship offers a very personal touch to your shoes. Not only have most shoemakers learned their craft from generations before them—parents or grandparents—each shoe receives one-on-one attention from the shoemaker, who pulls the leather over the lasts and sews the sole with bare hands. The process, ardour and complicated, requires years of experience.

Working with the world’s best Italian shoemakers, it took over one and a half years to perfect the elongated silhouette of our signature Flaneur loafer. Traveling through seven different factories, a single pair of loafers takes an artisan 36 hours to make—with 80% of all operations done by hand, including a hand-stitched outer sole. If it is a fur or embroidered style it takes 48 hours. With this commitment to tradition and detail, the quality of our artisans and shoes is matched.