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Bougeotte’s collections are created using the world’s finest materials and unmatched Italian craftsmanship. Beginning with the Flaneur loafer, Bougeotte painstakingly develops their shoes from extensive research and a passionate curiosity for artisan techniques.
Committed to the harmony of practicality and luxury, comfort is key for each piece — but style is never compromised.

Exclusively handmade in Italy, the Flaneur loafer’s elongated silhouette, an elegant look that flatters the foot, took over one and a half years to perfect. Traveling through seven different factories, a single pair of loafers takes an artisan 36 hours to make — with 80% of all operations done by hand, including a hand-stitched outer sole. If it is a fur or embroidered style it takes 48 hours.

The inner sole of each loafer is lined with a padded cushion covered in the softest goat leather while the outer shape is crafted from a range of world-renowned materials, including the finest cashmere, tweed, suede, fur, and exotic leathers.

The highest quality Italian suede, available in a wide range of colors. Using an old-school technique, the leathers are dyed in a vat.

We work with specialized furriers who select and cut the furs before they are sent to our shoe factory.

Using only the belly part of the skin, selected from the highest quality crocodile skin, it takes two pieces to produce one pair of Flaneur loafers.

Using three skins to produce one pair of Flaneur loafers, each is accurately selected by its unique scale drawing for the best visual result. They are often finished with innovative coloring techniques by hand.

The crown of ostrich skin is one of the most durable and resistant materials. Each skin is accurately selected to match.

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