Coming Soon: Home Fragrance

Our new line of home fragrance will launch soon. The collection includes a room spray, a diffuser, candles, and cards in a signature scent, Tabac à Pipe Poudre d’Oriente. Reflecting our wanderlust ethos, the evocative fragrance inspires a transformative meditation, inducing a relaxed attitude for observation—or imagination—of yourself and the world around you.

Featuring a dynamic mix of notes, the scent invites contemplation while intriguing a desire for new sensations. The top notes are led by bergamot’s bright citrus followed by the tender floral notes of rose and jasmine shaded with a touch of anise. The heart notes, patchouli’s sweet spice and sandalwood’s softness, bring a rich balance while the base notes of white musk, Madagascaran vanilla, amber and tobacco leave a mysterious sensuality. With one deep breath, you can follow your olfactory imagination from the sunny coast of Italy to the rose garden at a French Chateau to a bustling bazaar in Marrakesh.

Let the fragrance take you away.