Elegant Embroideries

Bougeotte’s original embroideries bring an elegant playfulness to their refined silhouettes. Carefully considered and crafted, each embroidery is designed by Bougeotte’s creative team and hand-stitched by highly skilled artisans in Italy’s best laboratories. Using different techniques, the artisans apply the detailed designs to the finest velvet, suede, silk satin, and more. On average, each embroidered style takes 48 hours to make.

Bougeotte’s creative team draws inspiration from nature to create the elaborate embroideries. Ranging from abstract, organic patterns, such as the tonal waves on the Mimosa Satin Boots from the Spring/Summer 2018 Collection, to intricate depictions of a Bullfinch bird in the trees, as seen on the Palissandro Suede Flaneur from the Fall/Winter 2018-19 Collection. For the Fall/Winter 2019-20 Collection, a black suede Flaneur loafer is detailed with a shimmering black carp embroidery.