For The Love Of Craft

Captured at our factory in Tuscany, this short black-and-white film showcases the hands behind our designs: the world’s best Italian shoemakers. Learning from generations before them—parents, grandparents—these artisans bring years of experience and dedicated one-on-one attention to each shoe. From pulling the leather over the last to hand-fitting the sole and carefully placing it in the box wrapped in tissue, this personal process brings an unmatched attention to detail.

Focusing on our signature Flaneur loafer, the film tracks the creation of its elongated silhouette from start to finish. With 80% of the loafer made by hand, including a hand-stitched outer sole, Each pair of loafers takes an artisan 36 hours to make. If it is a fur or embroidered style it takes 48 hours. This commitment to the traditions and artisanal craftsmanship of Italian shoemaking is what makes our shoes so special.