Home Fragrance at AlOthman Fashion

Our new Home Fragrance has launched at AlOthman Fashion, a Kuwait-based store offering a curated selection of luxury brands and contemporary designer labels. Known for introducing high fashion to Kuwait and the region, the 50,000 square feet Salmiya store has grown from a small, notable boutique to an institution offering a sophisticated shopping experience within a luxurious setting.


Created from Italy’s finest essences, which are coveted for their exclusive scents and soft glow, the Bougeotte Signature Fragrance balances rich, intriguing sweetness with Poudre d’Orient and pipe smoke nuances. From the candles to the diffusers and sprays, each scent uses natural ingredients, including rattan diffusing sticks and cotton candle wicks. On display at AlOthman Fashion amongst lush moss and budding branches, the rich burgundy packaging and gold bee emblem, showcase the same artisanal craftsmanship, refined quality, and enchanting luxury of all Bougeotte’s collections.